BOSCH LPS 002 2WD car dyno with new Sportdevices SP1 electronics kit

BOSCH LPS 002 2WD car dyno with new Sportdevices SP1 electronics kit

BOSCH LPS 002 2WD inertia car dyno with flywheel and new Sportdevices SP1 dyno electronics and software. This used Bosch  LPS002 2WD car chassis dyno has a new powder coating and electronics & software and works perfectly!

Max. power - Dynamic: 200 kW (272 HP)
Max. speed200 km/h

This dyno is suitable for chiptuning (before and after test), race teams, car tuners etc.

BOSCH LPS 002 2WD car chassis dyno by

€8,900.00 excl. VAT

BOSCH LPS 002 2WD car chassis dyno with new Sportdevices SP1 electronics kit

This Bosch LPS002 inertia car dyno with flywheel can be used for testing cars with front or rear wheel drive. The 2WD Bosch chassis dyno has been equiped with a new Sportdevices SP1 elektronics DAQ. The Sportdevices Sportdyno software is included (free updates).

The BOSCH LPS 002 car dyno can be used for dynamic testing up to 200kW (272 HP) at 200 km/h. The maximum speed on this 2WD car dyno is 200 km/h. The dyno has a pneumatic lift which can be connected to any standard compressor up to 10 bar (compressor is not included).

The rollers with 270 mm diameter have been repainted and the chassis has a new blue powder coating. This Bosch LPS 002 car dyno can be installed in a pit in the floor or on  top of the floor.

Dynoteg makes tuning easy!

405mm (top chassis)
1150mm (incl. cover)
2720mm (incl. cover)
Supply Voltage
200 - 240 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz
Max. speed
Roller diameter
Roller width
Track width range
Max. power
200kW (272HP)
Dyno electronics
Sportdevices SP1
Working principle
Possible tests
Acceleration power test

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