fuel tank support dynoteg kart engine dyno
Dynoteg kart engine dyno tank support
Dynoteg kart engine dyno tank support

Tank support for Dynoteg kart engine dyno KED-1/2/5

Tank support for Dynoteg kart engine dyno KED-1 / KED-2 / KED-5. Very easy to mount to your test dynamometer bench.

€50.00 excl. VAT

Dynoteg tank support for kart engine dyno KED-1 / KED-2 & KED-5

With a Dynoteg tank support it is easy to fit a standard fuel tank on the right or the rear side of the test bench frame. This can be used for the Dynoteg kart engine test bench KED-1 / KED-2 & KED-5 EVO. Can also be used for a self-built test bench or kart engine dyno. Work in a save and easy way by attaching the fuel tank to the test bench.

Dynoteg makes tuning easy!

1,7 kg
Stainless steel
Kart engine dyno
KED-1, KED2 & KED-5

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