Shock absorber tester Sportdevices ShockAnalyzer dyno electronics
sportdevices shockanalyzer shock absorber test dyno
shock absorber test dyno sportdevices shockanalyzer
sportdevices shockanalyzer daq dyno test electronics
sportdevices shockanalyzer shock absorber test dyno

Shock absorber test dyno Sportdevices ShockAnalyzer

Sportdevices ShockAnalyzer shock absorber testing machine for analyzing and recording shock absorber speed, force and temperature change. Complete test dynamometer including the ShockAnalyzer dyno electronics & software.

€5,995.00 excl. VAT

Sportdevices ShockAnalyzer shock absorber test machine with dyno electronics

Shock absorber test bench Sportdevices ShockAnalyzer including software (license free). With this setup you can test the shock absorber characteristics at varying speeds. Power and speed registration is done by the load cell and potentiometer. The temperature can be registered by the thermocouple input (cable and sensor are not included). The shock aborber stroke can easily be adjusted by the excentric selector drum. 

Features dynamometer:

  • Real time data acquisition with any computer
  • Shock absorber speed, force and temperature recording
  • Multi-speed: motor is driven by VFD to record the shockabsorber characteristics at several speeds
  • Multi-test: several tests can be recorded or loaded

The Sportdevices Shock Absorber dyno kit contains the following: 

  • Shock absorber dyno machine frame
  • Vertical rods 1.5 m (1.2 m usable length), 1.9m rods are available at an additional cost
  • Maximum center to center mounting distance shock absorber: 725mm (1125mm with 1.9m rods)
  • 4KW (5.5 HP) electric motor
  • Reduction gearbox (250 nominal RPM / 460 maximum RPM)
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Maximum stroke: 120 mm
  • Load cell 1000 kg
  • Linear potentiometer 100 mm
  • Dyno electronics ShockAnalyzer (DAQ)
  • ShockAnalyzer software (free license)
  • FTDI USB to RS232 adapter
  • Standard shock mounting (rear shock type)

Dynoteg makes tuning easy!

125 kg
Supply Voltage
220 - 240 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz
Recommended electronic kit
Shock Absorber Analyzer dyno kit
Load cell
1000 kg

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