Chassis dyno electronics DIY set Sportdevices SP6 Eddy Current Brake
sportdevices sp6 chassis dyno electronics
chassis dyno electronics & software kit sportdevices sp6
sportdevices PWS 3.2 brake power supply eddy current brake
sportdevices sp6 chassis dyno electronics

Sportdevices SP6 chassis dyno electronics & software kit

Test bench electronics version Sportdevices  SP6 dyno electronics  infor 2WD chassis dyno applications cluding Sportdevices PWS 3.2 brake power supply for Eddy Current brake. This module can be used for all your power and torque measurements in combination with an eddy current brake. The Sportdyno dyno electronics software and updates are free to download. No unnecessary expensive chassis dynamometer software license required!

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Load cell

Sportdevices SP6 eddy current brake test bench dyno electronics & Sportdyno software kit

The Sportdevices SP6 dyno electronicsSportdyno software set for Eddy Current Brake dynamometers. This dyno kit is the best choice when you are building your own 2WD eddy current brake dyno or when you want to convert an old eddy current brake dyno, for example Schenck, Borghi & Saveri, Hofmann, Sun, Bosch, AVL or other. The Sportdevices SP6 dyno electronic kit is also suitable for AWD or 4WD car dyno's. This system takes care of your power measurements, data acquisition and control of the eddy current brake. In addition to power measurements, this is a perfect device for example ECU calibration, emission adjustments and endurance tests.

This dyno test bench electronics and software kit controls the eddy current brake by the PC software (PID control). The new eddy current brake PWS 3.2 power supply module is extremely fast and therefor this set enables you to have very stable control of your (low inertia) eddy current brake without using a flywheel mass. A short intorduction of this fast control can been seen in the following video.

Feel free to contact us when help is needed on your project.

This Dynoteg SP6 set contains the following items:

Sportdyno software functionality:

  • Easy operation via 1 external button or by the PC
  • Graphs against time, rolling speed / speed and against engine speed

  • Put up to 8 tests over each other

  • Calculation of average power between 2 speeds

  • Calculation of average power of different tests

  • Zoom in and out

  • Different correction methods for weather conditions (optional via automatic weather station)

  • Automatic calculation of gear ratio

Dynoteg makes tuning easy!

9 cm
22 cm
23 cm
5,0 kg
Analog input
Thermocouple input
Relay output
Supply Voltage
230 VAC - 50 Hz
Engine speed input (RPM)
Roller speed input (RPM)
Load cell
Load cell input
PWM brake control signal
Om/Off button
Emergency stop button
Pulse counter
Air speed output (PWM)



Sportdyno dyno software, version

Download (2.51MB)

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