Test bench electronics Sportdevices SP1 for flywheel dynamometer
sportdevices sp1 electronics & software kit for test bench
sportdevices sp1 dyno electronics at test room facility
Electronics & software kit SP1 for test bench rear side
sportdevices sp1 test bench dyno electronics
Sportdevices dyno electronics Sportdyno software power curve
Sportdevices chassis dyno elektronics Sportdyno software dashboard
sportdevices sp1 electronics & software kit for test bench

Sportdevices SP1 test bench dyno electronics & software kit

Test bench dyno electronics Sportdevices SP1 with free Sportdyno software. Universally applicable DAQ system to all flywheel performance test benches / test dyno's (car, motorcycle, scooter, minibike, kart etc.). Acceleration tests are easy to operate from the Sportdyno software or by the supplied start button. This system is easy to install and configurate yourself.

€995.00 excl. VAT

Sportdevices SP1 dyno test bench electronics & Sportdyno software

Sportdevices SP1 test bench electronics and Sportdyno software set for an inertial flywheel equipped test bench. This electronics and software set is ideal for a self-built flywheel test bench, but also for converting any inertia dyno test bench, for example a Bosch LPS002 2WD car dyno. This system takes care of your torque and power measurements. Clear data acquisition by the push of the Start button.

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This Sports Devices SP1 set consists of the following parts:

  • 1x test bench electronics Sportdevices SP1

  • 1x engine speed sensor (capacitive, measurement on spark plug cable)

  • 1x speed ​​sensor for the flywheel

  • 1x start / Stop button for testing

  • 1x power cable

  • 1x ground cable

  • 1x RS232 to USB PC communication cable

  • 1x Sportdyno dyno test bench software and English manual

Sportdyno software functionality:

  • Easy operation by 1 external button or by the PC

  • Graphs against time, speed and engine rpm

  • tests overlay possibility 

  • Calculation of average power in a certain RPM range

  • Calculation of average power from multiple tests

  • Zoom in and out

  • Automatic calculation of gear ratio

  • Different correction methods for weather conditions (optional via automatic weather station)

Dynoteg makes tuning easy!

9 cm
15,5 cm
20 cm
1,8 kg
Analog input
Thermocouple input
Supply Voltage
100 - 240VAC / 50 - 60Hz
Engine speed input (RPM)
Roller speed input (RPM)
Om/Off button



Sportdyno dyno software, version

Download (2.51MB)

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