kart engine dyno KED-5 EVO eddy current bake Dynoteg kart test bench
Kart Engine Dyno KED-5 basic Dynoteg
Eddy Current brake KED-5 EVO Dynoteg
TFT controller kart engine dyno Dynoteg KED-5 EVO
Brake and throttle pedal kart engine dyno Dynoteg KED-5 EVO
Sportdevices Sportdyno Software dashboard free configurable
Sportdevices Sportdyno Software accurate power and torque measurements
Track data import for simulation test Dynoteg
Kart Engine Dyno KED-5 basic Dynoteg

Kart engine dyno Dynoteg KED-5 EVO

Dynoteg KED-5 EVO kart engine dyno for tuning i.a. IAME / Rotax / Vortex / OK1 / RK1 / TM/ / Subaru / KZ and many other similar engines. The dynamometer for accurate power and torque measurements, break-in programs and track simulations. Suitable for both 2-stroke engine and 4-stroke engine until 40 kW / 55 HP. Very unique and complete engine dyno for (kart-) engines and easy in use. Plug & Play concept, no software license and free downloadable updates! Dynoteg KED-5 kart engine dyno, the  most complete dynamometer for kart engine tuning!

This kart engine tuning dyno standard includes subframe, Sportdevices SP5 dyno electronics, brake power supply, brake & throttle pedal, servo throttle control with TFT touch screen controller and Sportdyno software.

€16,295.00 excl. VAT
Engine mount diameter
Electrical starter KED5
Water cooling & pre-heating KED5

Kart Engine Dyno Dynoteg KED-5 EVO

For those who want absolute perfection in engine testing we designed the most advanced and sophisticated Dynoteg Kart Engine Dyno available, the KED-5 EVO with retarder. The specially designed eddy current brake together with its very fast brake controller makes every kind of high accuracy test possible. The KED-5 EVO design is highly optimized and efficient to perform high accuracy test over a long time. The compact design also guarantees the best possible price for this High Tech dyno. Kart engine tuning has never been so easy!

Operation Dynoteg test bench KED-5 EVO:

Electronic throttle operation by servo enables fully automated tests as a standard feature. Both throttle and brake can be controlled from the included Sportdyno software and/or with the included foot pedals. It is as easy as driving an automatic car. For fully automated tests simply select the test program that you want to perform and press START to let the eddy current brake kart dynamometer do the work. You want to run in an engine? Simply load the run in test file and press START. Meanwhile you can spend time on other jobs while the dyno is performing automated tests for you. A perfect way for Return on Investment (ROI), when doing tuning work for own use or third parties. 

The automated test files are parametric. This means that you can simply change the main parameters like minimum RPM, maximum RPM, test time, number of cycles etc to match your needs. No programming is required. The special designed eddy current brake even enables track simulation tests. Our optional Dynoteg track data converter software easily converts your (AIM) datalog files to automated test files for the dyno. If your logged data contains GPS data then you also see the track layout and the actual position on the track during the simulation. Manual operation is of course possible as well.

Dyno Controller Module:

The TFT touch screen Dyno Controller Module is a very user friendly module with the following functions:

  • Throttle Servo control: Easy throttle calibration with automatic full throttle detection.
  • Ignition Switch: Easily switch on/off your engine ignition system.
  • Electrical Starter operation: Start your engine using the internal starter motor (optional) or the starter motor from the engine.
  • Start Test: Start the test simply by pressing the Start button on the control module. This will operate the software.
  • Cooling System (optional): Manage the cooling system and control the engine temperature with the control module.
  • Emergency Switch: Pressing the emergency button will close the throttle and switch off the complete controller.

Measurement principle Dynoteg test bench KED-5 EVO:

The power and torque are measured by recording the torque and RPM of the eddy current brake combined with the inertial power. The installed load cell is calibrated which ensures very accurate and extremely reliable power readings. The eddy current brake enables you to let the engine run at any desired load and rpm. The data recording (DAQ) is established by our superb test bench electronics Sportdevices SP5


We ship our dyno's all over the world in a strong wooden crate.

Dynoteg makes tuning easy!

125 cm
80 cm
110 cm
280 kg
Supply Voltage
200 - 240 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz
Dyno electronics
Sportdevices SP5
Working principle
Eddy current brake
Throttle operation
Servo with foot pedal and digital touch screen controller
Possible tests
Ramp test, steady test, fully automatic tests: engine run in test, multiple loop power tests, track simulation test
Suitable for
frequent/continuous testing


Kart Engine Dyno Brochure EN

Kart Engine Dyno Brochure English

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Kart Engine Dyno Brochure DE

Kart Engine Dyno Brochure German

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Sportdyno dyno software, version

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