Dynoteg kart engine dyno KED-1 or KED-2 for kart engine tuning
dynoteg kart engine dyno ked-1 or ked-2 basic
dynoteg engine dyno ked-1 or ked-2 hand levers
Sportdevices dyno electronics SP1 Dynoteg
dynoteg kart engine dyno water cooling & pre-heating system
dynoteg kart engine dyno ked-1 or ked-2 basic

Kart engine dyno Dynoteg KED-1 or KED-2

Dynoteg KED-1 kart engine dyno for tuning i.a. IAME/Rotax/Vortex/OK1/RK1/TM/Subaru and many other kart engines with centrifugal clutch. Choose the Dynoteg KED-2 kart test bench with one-way safety clutch in case you want to tune KZ shifter kart engines as well. Very user friendly dynamometer for power and torque measurements. Suitable for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines up to 40 kW / 55 HP.

Plug & Play concept and user friendly Sportdyno Software has free updates! This dyno standard includes subframe, Sportdevices SP1 dyno electronics, 12V supply (battery + charger), hand levers (clutch, brake & throttle) and Sportdyno software.

€7,250.00 excl. VAT
Engine mount diameter
Starter motor KED1 or KED2
Water cooling & pre-heating KED1 or KED2
Kart engine dyno model

Kart Engine Dyno Dynoteg KED-1 & KED-2

The dynoteg kart test bench KED-1 and KED-2 are our flywheel based Kart Engine Dyno models. An affordable solution with great performance, suitable for acceleration tests and manual engine break in. Both models are standard supplied with a powder coated sub frame. The sub frame is already prepared for a water cooling & pre-heating system so this can always be added later. All our Dynoteg engine dynamometers are assembled with high quality parts in order to guarantee durability, smooth operation and outstanding test results. 

One way safety clutch:

The only difference between the kart engine tuning dyno KED-1 and the KED-2 is that the KED-2 model is equipped with a high quality one-way safety clutch. This clutch will let the flywheel run free in case the engine suddenly stops. This addition is very useful for engines without a centrifugal clutch, e.g. shifter (KZ karts) and direct driven engines (DD2 karts).

Measurement principle:

At this kart engine dynamometer, the power and torque are measured by flywheel mass acceleration (inertia) which simulates the weight of the kart and driver. This way of measuring will generate accurate and reliable results. The engine is mounted in the same way as on the kart. We have a Dynoteg special engine mount for DD2 engine and the KZ engine). The kart engine transfer its energy to the flywheel mass by a chain or by one of our optional Dynoteg tooth belt kits.

Dynoteg makes tuning easy!

125 cm
80 cm
110 cm
280 kg
Supply Voltage
200 - 240 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz
Dyno electronics
Sportdevices SP1
Working principle
Throttle operation
Possible tests
Acceleration power test
Suitable for
intermittent testing


Kart Engine Dyno Brochure EN

Kart Engine Dyno Brochure English

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Kart Engine Dyno Brochure DE

Kart Engine Dyno Brochure German

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Sportdyno dyno software, version

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